Need a painting in your size and colors? Custom paintings can be created on any size canvas you wish!

I offer custom paintings in all sizes even better I can match your color palette to match your decor by simply going to a Benjamin Moore, Sherman Williams or Home Depot paint store. Choose the perfect paint chip colors and email me the title and number of the paint chip and I will use those colors in your new painting!

If you see a painting that has sold and would like me to re-create one, this I can also do - no two paintings can be EXACT but made to look very similar.

Pricing - Custom art will range higher in price than what you may see for the same size on my website. That is because custom work  requires special requirements, more time etc.

Expectations - Creating in abstract form is a free flowing process it is not the same as copying a flower or portrait. Re-creating an abstract painting to look like the original will differ but is made to look similar in style and color. If you choose your own color palette this will also give it a different look.  If you decide to choose one of my mixed media women pieces to recreate, style will be similar but will be different (papers, color and print design used will vary) also using a different size canvas than the original art will also make it have a different look but in the end you will receive a custom piece that you can call a one of a kind since no two are ever alike.

 Deposit - I require half payment before I can begin the process.

Time- I keep a very busy schedule with customs and originals but will try my best to get your painting completed in a timely manner  1-3  weeks for completion.

Finished Product - Once your painting has been created you will receive an email with photos for you to review - I allow 2 changes if so be- anymore will be a charge applied.

I ship EVERYWHERE! Just let me know the size of canvas you are needing or the title of one you would like to purchase in my shop and your area code, I will find you the best shipping rates and email you price.


Thank you for your interest in my art and I hope that I can create an amazing original piece of art for you soon!



Contact -

studio - 954.684.8090